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Welcome to the world’s most comprehensive continuing medical education (CME) university-style curriculum for physicians, dentists, and nurses interested in procedural medicine.

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May apply On-Demand Membership purchase credit towards in-person membership (live in-person training). Same applies for single on-demand workshop purchase.

Members Get the Most Tools & Resources

Full-Color Workbook

Each Empire On-Demand workshop is thoughtfully complemented by a stunning full-color workbook that serves as an invaluable tool to enrich your learning experience. This beautifully designed workbook not only enhances your understanding of the course material but also provides a visual and tactile dimension to your educational journey.

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grow professionally

Grow Professionally Without Limits

All Workshops are Broken Into Smaller Lessons to Facilitate Learning

The Empire On-Demand Membership™ is our most comprehensive online training plan. Designed with the uncompromising, serious practitioner in mind, this program provides the best option for those interested in learning multiple skills. For one low price, virtual members can access all 36+ live, interactive programs, all taught by industry experts and renowned physician educators.

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On-Demand Platform

The Empire On-Demand platform is a state-of-the-art system designed to help you achieve better continuing medical education. Take courses, review course materials, complete required tests, watch hands-on videos, and more!

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canva templates social media toolkits

Customizable Canva Templates and Social Media Toolkits

Included with New On-Demand Memberships FREE During Special Sale ($499 Value)

On-Demand Members, you’ll gain access to a comprehensive social media and marketing toolkit packed with best practices and a vast collection of ready-to-post templates!

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3-Pack Aesthetic Starter Kit

Included with New On-Demand Memberships FREE During Special Sale ($597 Value)


Pricing & Packaging Aesthetics


Don’t know how to price your cosmetic procedures? Discover this essential guide to pricing and packaging all your Aesthetics services.


Front Office Fundamentals


Explore our receptionist training guide with tips and working methods to help you drive sales, upsell your products, and provide your customers with the best customer service focused on relationship building.


Consent Forms and Documents


Securing consent forms for your aesthetics practice can be time-consuming. We’ve compiled a document providing the essential tools, clinical policies, and definitions needed for a successful practice.

This is a must for any Aesthetic Practice, particularly newer practices just starting out. Empire Medical Training has developed this comprehensive Aesthetic Starter Kit after training physicians for over 25 years, working with start-up practices, and consulting with established practices in Aesthetics.