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Direct Primary Care (DPC) and Concierge Medical Practice—Online Training

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In the rapidly evolving landscape of healthcare, the Direct Primary Care (DPC) and Concierge Medical Practice Models are gaining traction across the United States. This 1-Day program offers a comprehensive guide for physicians looking to transition their practices into successful Concierge or DPC models. Whether you have an established practice or are considering a second standalone practice, this course provides a turnkey approach to help you navigate the transition. You'll gain insights into creating single retainer fee, retainer fee and service charge, and hybrid models that enhance patient benefits.

The popularity of Concierge Medicine is on the rise, driven by the benefits it offers to both patients and physicians. With a fixed income stream and the ability to work within the medical system, physicians can find a rewarding lifestyle while delivering high-quality care. This course delves into the finer details, including product and service offerings, pricing strategies, administrative and legal considerations, marketing, and patient education. Additionally, it explores the potential for offering discounted aesthetic services and telemedicine to streamline your practice and generate additional revenue streams. Join the thousands of physicians exploring this innovative approach to medicine and discover the business principles that can make your transition or integration to Concierge or DPC practice a success.


  • Practice Evaluation: Gain insights into your own practice to assess the potential advantages and drawbacks of adopting Direct Primary Care (DPC) and Concierge Medicine membership models.
  • Bundle Service Principles: Learn the principles and essentials of bundled services as you explore the transition to a membership model. Understand the franchise options available and the processes for establishing an independent model.
  • Membership Model Diversity: Explore various legal membership models, including those eligible for insurance reimbursement, hybrid models that incorporate telemedicine and cash-based aesthetic services, and traditional models aligned with concierge and DPC practices.
  • Business Aspects: Delve into the business aspects, risk-reward dynamics, return on investment considerations, and essential steps required to create a profitable and thriving membership model.
  • Service Selection and Marketing: Discover which services align with your practice, and master the art of marketing and promoting your new membership model. Navigate the transition from insurance-based to cash-based models, and learn ongoing marketing strategies to attract external clients and diverse demographic groups beyond your current patient base.
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Dori Soukup


Meet Your Instructor

Dori Soukup is a globally recognized figure, renowned for her expertise in the medical aesthetic industry. As a four-time author, eight-figure business advisor, and the visionary founder/CEO of InSPAration Management, she has left an indelible mark on the world of business.

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