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Autologous Fat Transfer—Online Training

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This comprehensive training program delves into the increasingly popular Autologous Fat Transfer (AFT) procedure, a highly sought-after technique in aesthetic medicine. AFT harnesses a patient's own fat to serve as a natural filler, offering a unique alternative to synthetic products. The course is designed to provide physicians with an in-depth understanding of this procedure, from the initial fat harvesting to the final transfer. Participants will learn about the three-step process involving gentle liposuction from a donor site, meticulous cleansing and preparation of the fat cells, and their strategic re-injection into target areas. This method is not only cost-effective but also aligns with patients' preferences for using their own tissues, making it a highly attractive option in aesthetic practices.

The program also emphasizes the versatility and effectiveness of AFT in treating various facial and body areas. Attendees will explore its applications in diminishing wrinkles, enhancing lips, correcting hollows under the eyes, and improving contours following other aesthetic procedures. The training offers insights into achieving long-lasting and natural-looking results, with some effects enduring indefinitely. Additionally, the course covers practical aspects of integrating AFT into one's practice, including patient selection, procedural techniques, and financial considerations. Physicians will have the opportunity to learn from experienced Board Certified Plastic Surgeons, gaining both theoretical knowledge and practical insights. This program is not just a skill enhancement opportunity; it's a gateway to expanding practice offerings and meeting the evolving demands in the field of aesthetic medicine.


  • Economic and Patient Benefits: Learn how AFT is an economical choice for both the patient and the physician. With minimal raw material costs, it allows for more filler at lower costs, benefiting both parties.
  • Comprehensive Procedure Training: The course covers the three-step AFT process: gentle liposuction from the donor site, isolation and cleansing of fat cells, and the precise injection of these cells into targeted areas.
  • Versatile Applications: Discover how AFT can be used to correct wrinkles, creases, furrows, hollows under the eyes, and augment lips. It's also effective for correcting irregularities from other aesthetic procedures.
  • Long-lasting Results: Understand how AFT offers noticeable and lasting improvement in treated areas, with effects lasting several months to years, and in some cases, indefinitely.
  • Practical and Business Skills: Gain experience from Board Certified Plastic Surgeons and access a comprehensive digital resource guide. Learn the financial aspects of AFT, including pricing strategies and potential revenue.
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Dr. Ernest Roman


Meet Your Instructor

A Board Certified Physician in Interventional Pain Management and Board Certified in Facial Aesthetics. Lead Instructor for Basic and Advanced Interventional Pain Management and Aesthetics. I have trained over 5,000 physicians in Aesthetics and Interventional Pain in the United States and abroad. Dr Ernest Roman is a Board Certified physician. He has many years of experience in the art of facial rejuvenation and pain management. He has given many conferences in NYC, LA, Orlando, Dallas, Houston, San Francisco, Atlanta and other cities in USA and internationally teaching physicians and other providers how to perform Aesthetic and also Interventional Pain procedures thru out the US He has performed a great number of different aesthetic procedures and may rejuvenate your face 20/15/10/5 years.

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