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Cosmetic Laser Courses & Certification—Online Training

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Skill Level: Intermediate

Empire Medical's Cosmetic Laser & Certification Training, now available as an on-demand course, offers doctors a comprehensive understanding of the multitude of aesthetic lasers and light-based energy technologies in the market. This course is particularly beneficial for those already offering aesthetic procedures and considering the integration of laser therapies into their practice as a strategy for growth. The course is designed to provide a thorough overview of how cosmetic lasers and IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) function, delving into the physics behind these technologies and giving participants a solid grounding in their operation and applications.

Over two days of intensive online learning, participants will explore all types of cosmetic lasers, understanding their advantages, limitations, and the specific conditions each can effectively treat. Empire’s aesthetic laser training includes a deep dive into the latest technologies for body contouring, tattoo removal, scar revision, acne treatments, and more. The course not only focuses on the technical aspects of these treatments but also emphasizes the latest innovations, techniques, and best practices in face and body aesthetic solutions.

Participants will learn about a variety of non-ablative technologies, including photofacial, hair reduction, facial skin tightening, and body contouring. The program is rich with detailed protocols and valuable insights, aiming to equip practitioners with the knowledge to achieve effective results for their patients. While hands-on practice is not included in the on-demand format, the course features comprehensive content and live demonstration observations, allowing participants to visualize and understand the application of various non-ablative procedures. This format ensures a flexible yet immersive learning experience, ideal for busy professionals seeking to expand their expertise in the rapidly evolving field of cosmetic laser treatments.


  • Comprehensive Patient Evaluation and Communication Skills: Gain the ability to thoroughly understand and evaluate patients with aesthetic requests. Learn to effectively communicate with clients to ascertain their expectations and determine the best treatments for their unique skin types and aesthetic goals.
  • Laser Physics and Safety Knowledge: Acquire a practical understanding of laser physics and laser safety, including guidelines to ensure compliance with federal, state, and local ordinances. The course covers the hazards associated with laser use and strategies to avoid them, ensuring safe practice standards.
  • Understanding Laser Technologies and Treatments: Learn about various FDA-approved technologies for procedures like body contouring, fat reduction, tattoo removal, and more. The course will cover different delivery mechanisms and protocols for laser treatments, including hair removal, skin tightening, and acne treatments.
  • Equipment Selection and Investment Strategies: Understand the pros and cons of purchasing new versus used or refurbished laser equipment. Gain insights into getting the best price and value for your system, as well as knowledge about the benefits and limitations of newer multi-platform solutions for IPL and lasers.
  • Effective Marketing and Pricing Strategies: Discover how to successfully introduce cosmetic laser procedures into your practice, both internally and externally. Learn specific marketing strategies for practice growth and how to price and package various treatments to attract and retain clients.
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Raechel Rowe, LE, CME


Meet Your Instructor

Raechel Lowe is a Licensed Esthetician with over 21 years of experience. Raechel is an Aesthetician and expert Laser Technician. Raechel’s specialties include anti aging treatments, photodamaged skin, wrinkle reduction, acne treatments, scar revision, tattoo removal, IPL, Dry Eye/ Rosacea, vascular laser treatments, hyperpigmentation, laser resurfacing, and body contouring. Rachael has spent 15 years working in the Dermatology Industry and 6 years in the Facial Plastic Surgery Industry. Raechel has been an Aesthetic Educator since 2003 teaching Paramedical Esthetics, Laser Physics and Skin Anatomy. Raechel has taught the Aesthetic Laser and Facial Aesthetics Program at Empire Medical in the US and Middle East. Raechel is certified to train on: IPL, Laser, Microneedling, Plasma Pen, Radio Frequency, Ultrasound, Chemical Peels, Dermaplaning. Specialized modalities include treatment of scars, skin of color conditions and vascular lesions.

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