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Allergy Test & Treatment—Online Training

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The Allergy Training class provides comprehensive protocols for allergy testing and treatment, including the latest techniques and digital technologies for efficient patient record-keeping. Participants will learn criteria for patient selection, various testing methods for allergens like pollen, molds, and food, and treatment options for IgE and Non-IgE allergic reactions, including immunotherapy and desensitization. The course also covers food sensitivities, asthma, and allergies, with a focus on safe test and treatment determination. Additionally, attendees will understand how to manage insurance coding and billing, making this a financially viable addition to medical practices. The program emphasizes the growing demand for qualified physicians in allergy treatment, highlighting its revenue potential.


  • Comprehensive Allergy Patient Evaluation: Physicians will gain skills to thoroughly evaluate and understand allergy patients, including the nuances of their conditions.
  • Diverse Allergy Testing Techniques: Learn a range of tests for IgE allergies, including Skin Prick, Patch, Intra-dermal Testing, RAST/Radioimmunoassay Test, Total Serum IgE Concentration, and Leukocyte Histamine Release Testing.
  • In-depth Food Allergy Understanding and Treatment: Acquire knowledge about Ige and Non-Ige mediated food allergies and their treatment options, including Challenge Testing, Elimination Diet, and various skin and blood/serum testing methods.
  • Immunotherapy Protocols and Administrative Essentials: Understand immunotherapy solutions and protocols, including dosing and titration schedules. Learn about the necessary forms, consents, testing protocols, allergy laboratories selection, and allergen sources.
  • Business Growth and Compliance: Master specific business and marketing strategies to financially expand your practice. Gain insights into Billing and Coding Regulations, including the latest ICD-10 and CPT codes for reimbursement.
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Sherry Whener, MD


Meet Your Instructor

Sherry Wehner, MD ("Dr. Sherry") is the Medical Director and Owner of Anew You Medical Weight Loss and Total Wellness Center located in the heart of beautiful San Antonio, Texas. OVER 25 YEARS OF MEDICAL EXPERIENCE helps her better identify the skin issues that her patients present, offering a more comprehensive treatment plan targeting any underlying issues and allowing her to treat the patient from the inside out. She no longer wants to identify only skin problems; she wants to treat them and the person underneath the skin. She wants to share her experience with her patients and help them discover a new look, a new lifestyle, a new purpose

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review star review star review star review star review star 300+ 5-Star Reviews

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