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Turning Events into 6-Figure Revenue Generators & Brand Builders for Your Practice


Aug 15, 2024


In the healthcare and aesthetic industries, events can be a powerful tool for driving revenue and building your brand. "Turning Events into 6-Figure Revenue Generators & Brand Builders for Your Practice" is a comprehensive course designed to help physicians, dentists, and nurses harness the potential of events to elevate their practice. This course offers in-depth strategies for planning, marketing, and executing successful events that not only generate substantial revenue but also enhance your brand's reputation.

Led by industry veterans with a proven track record of successful event management, this course covers every aspect of event planning, from initial concept to post-event follow-up. You'll learn how to create engaging and memorable experiences that attract high-value attendees, foster patient loyalty, and position your practice as a leader in your field. Whether you’re planning a seminar, open house, or virtual event, this course will equip you with the skills and knowledge needed to make your events profitable and impactful.



  • Strategic Event Planning: Learn how to design events that align with your practice's goals and target audience, ensuring maximum impact and engagement.
  • Effective Promotion Tactics: Discover advanced marketing techniques to promote your events across multiple channels and attract a large, relevant audience.
  • Engaging Event Experiences: Master the art of creating immersive and valuable experiences that leave a lasting impression on attendees.
  • Revenue Generation Strategies: Implement strategies to monetize your events through ticket sales, sponsorships, and post-event sales funnels.
  • Post-Event Follow-Up: Understand the importance of follow-up and how to maintain engagement with attendees to build long-term relationships and convert them into loyal patients.

Who the Course is Designed For

  • Physicians: Learn how to organize and execute events that attract new patients, build your brand, and generate significant revenue.
  • Dentists: Discover how to use events to showcase your services, engage with your community, and grow your practice.
  • Nurses: Develop skills in event planning and management to create professional events that highlight your expertise and enhance patient relationships.
  • Practice Managers: Gain the knowledge to oversee successful events that align with your practice's objectives and drive growth.
  • Healthcare Consultants: Enhance your consulting services by understanding how to leverage events as powerful tools for your clients' success.
Tamara Vileta instructor picture

Tamara Vileta

Meet Your Instructor

Tamara Vileta is the founder & creative director of Pinpoint. She has 30+ years of experience in strategic marketing, brand development, art direction, design, and writing for aesthetic practices. Pinpoint has also worked with some of the most influential KOL's and corporations serving the industry, including laser device manufacturers, practice management software, and practice consultants.

Pinpoint provides high-level branding and marketing services to over 400 practices within the U.S. and beyond. Their work focuses primarily on patient experience and retention initiatives, including Brand Development, Patient Loyalty Marketing, Event Promotion, Email Marketing, Patient Education, Collateral Design, Launch Campaigns, and Promotional Products.

Company Bio

The Aesthetic Masterclass: 10-Week Marketing Program is brought to you by a collaboration of four industry-leading companies, each bringing their unique expertise to create the most comprehensive aesthetics marketing training available. Empire Medical Training is renowned for its extensive and high-quality medical training programs, equipping practitioners with cutting-edge skills and knowledge. Pinpoint Creative excels in branding and marketing strategy, helping businesses build powerful and enduring brand identities. Fifth & Cor is celebrated for its innovative digital marketing solutions, driving growth and engagement through creative and effective campaigns. Influx specializes in data-driven marketing techniques, PPC, and paid social strategies, ensuring that your marketing efforts are both targeted and impactful. Together, these companies provide an unparalleled educational experience, combining their strengths to deliver actionable insights and transformative strategies that will elevate your practice to new heights.

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