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How Stem Cells and Laser Therapy Can Be the Key to the Fountain of Youth

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Join us for an insightful exploration into the dynamic synergy between Fotona laser therapy and stem cells in regenerative medicine. Discover how this innovative combination enhances cellular functions, accelerates tissue repair, and revolutionizes therapeutic outcomes. Learn why selecting the right stem cell type is crucial and how this powerful duo is shaping the future of healthcare. Don't miss this opportunity to unlock the potential of Fotona laser therapy and stem cells in transforming patient care.


  • Explore the synergistic relationship between Fotona laser therapy and stem cells, uncovering how their combined effect enhances cellular functions and promotes tissue regeneration.
  • Understand the importance of selecting the right type of stem cells for optimal restorative results in regenerative medicine and therapeutic applications.
  • Discover how mesenchymal stem cells, when paired with Fotona laser treatments, significantly accelerate tissue repair and regeneration, offering a powerful solution for patients.
  • Learn about the diverse therapeutic applications of the Fotona laser therapy and stem cell combination, from reducing inflammation to accelerating healing processes.
  • Gain insights into how this synergistic approach maximizes therapeutic benefits, leading to improved patient outcomes and satisfaction in regenerative medicine practices.
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Dr. Joy Kong


Meet Your Instructor

Joy Kong, M.D. Joy Kong, is a UCLA-trained, triple board- certified physician (by American Board of Psychiatry & Neurology, American Board of Addiction Medicine, American Board of Anti-Aging & Regenerative Medicine). She is the president of Uplyft Longevity Center in Los Angeles, California, where she specializes in stem cell therapy, peptide therapy, ketamine therapy, as well as other integrative modalities to enhance overall health and combat chronic diseases. Dr. Kong founded American Academy of Integrative Cell Therapy (AAICT), where she provides training to other physicians on Stem Cell Therapy, and is a published author in scientific journals, and an originator of a stem cell clinical study on traumatic brain injury.

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